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Four components of {YEL!} STEM classes using LEGO® bricks

A LEGO Story There I am teaching the same YEL LEGO STEM pulleys class I’ve taught dozens of times before.  You know, the one with the rotating clown face.  The kids are doing great.  The projects are getting finished and this genius of a first grade girl comes up to me and shows me some […]

Five Components of every {YEL!} chess class

• “What did you learn in chess class today?” • “You got chess dollars?!!?  Awesome.  How did you earn them?” • “Did you play a chess game in class today?” If you have a child in a YEL chess class, perhaps you’ve asked your child any, if not all of these questions at some point.   […]

The Joy of Sewing: Summer Sewing Camps

The Joy of Sewing Six awesome aspects of the {YEL!} Project Runway Summer Camp It’s summer time.  Time for rest, relaxation and summer camps.  {YEL!} offers our Project Runway Sewing Camp with new projects each year.  Students with no experience up to intermediate experience can learn, create, sew and wear home their own swim suit coverup, ear bud […]