Teach It!…Practice It!…Play It!


A System That Works

Our mission is to engage youth to •THINK!  •LEARN!  and •PLAY WELL!  To meet that mission, every {YEL!} curriculum is designed with the elements of Teach It!…Practice It!…Play It!

• Teach It!…Every {YEL!} class has a lesson that our instructors deliver to students. Whether it is chess, fencing, STEM, coding, sewing or sports, we have lessons for each class meeting.  The lessons vary from beginning to advanced concepts.
• Practice It!…Whatever the subject, students take what they learned in the lesson and practice it in an inclusive environment.  Everyone participates, all the time.
• Play It!…Each class ends with the students playing the sport (chess is often called a “sport of the mind”) they are studying or applying what has been taught and practiced to the project (coding, STEM and sewing) they are working on. This Play It! component is integral to giving the students a sense of accomplishment and play.