{YEL!} Tardy Parent Policy

Parents are asked to pick up their child(ren) immediately at the end time of class.  We understand that there may be traffic and other issues that cause parents to be late.  However, our instructors have other obligations that prevent them from staying late with students.
In order to honor our teachers’ commitment to the time they have dedicated, we have a late parent penalty policy.  It is stated as follows:
* Parents are required to pick up their child at the published end of the class.
* We have a 10 minute grace period to account for traffic delays.  For instance, if the class ends at 3:30, a parent may pick up their child any time before 3:40 without penalty.
* Parents who arrive 11 minutes or more from the published end time of class will be required to pay a penalty.
* The penalty is simply $1 per minute for every minute they are late from the published end of class time.
     • For instance, if a parent arrives 15 minutes after the end of class, they will be penalized $15.
     • If a parent arrives within 10 minutes after the end of class, they will not be asked to pay any penalty.  10 minutes = $0; 11 minutes = $11; 12 minutes = $12, etc.
* The penalty must be paid in cash to the instructor the day of the lateness or call the YEL office at 952.361.6882 to pay via credit card.
    • Late parent penalty fees must be paid in full before the child is allowed to attend any future YEL classes including the one they are currently enrolled in.
* If a parent is 45 minutes or more late, YEL staff will call the police and ask the police to look after the child(ren).
    • A penalty will still be incurred up until the moment the police arrive and take the child(ren).
* In the instance of emergency, call the YEL office at (800) 959-9261.