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What makes {YEL!} unique?

What makes {YEL!} a unique franchise? At {YEL!}, we have been told by clients and customers what sets us apart.  We call these our ‘three uniques’ (from Gino Wickman’s book Traction).  They are 1) dynamic instructors; 2) robust, comprehensive curriculum; 3) service.  When you “Join the League” and become a franchisee within our system, you […]

USCF Ratings for {YEL!} Students

Below is a table of all {YEL!} students and their current (as of 3/16.19).  It is searchable by your child’s name.   NOTE: It is not “live”, meaning it isn’t connected to the USCF database.  To view “live” ratings, visit the USCF Player Search page at: http://www.uschess.org/datapage/player-search.php   USCF {YEL!} Students Ratings Table Chet Gunhus

Yes! Your Child Can Play (and enjoy) Chess.

There are many misconceptions surrounding the ability to play chess. Only smart kids play chess. – At {YEL!}, we believe that every child has certain gifts they are given.  We see enrichment as an opportunity to channel those gifts.  ALL kids are smart kids. While there have been numerous studies claiming that chess may improve […]