What makes {YEL!} unique?

What makes {YEL!} a unique franchise?

At {YEL!}, we have been told by clients and customers what sets us apart.  We call these our ‘three uniques’ (from Gino Wickman’s book Traction).  They are 1) dynamic instructors; 2) robust, comprehensive curriculum; 3) service.  When you “Join the League” and become a franchisee within our system, you are trained on each of these three unique components as part of our 70+ hours of training.  At the end of our training program, you’ll have a solid grasp of how to recruit and retain your instructors; how to administer and manage the wide array of curricular offerings {YEL!} has; and be able to implement a system of FIVE STAR service that is of prime importance to running at {YEL!} franchise.

Unique #1. Dynamic InstructorsSoccer coach

Straws and duct tape?

At {YEL!} we understand that the instructor makes or breaks the program.  You can give a fantastic instructor 20 straws and a roll of duct tape and they’ll be able to keep kids engaged throughout the class, because they are that good with kids. We also understand that you can have a poor instructor leading a class putting together laser beams and robots, and even though the curriculum is awesome, a dud instructor can kill a program.  So, we have put together a recruitment manual and a retention manual of our best practices to guide you as to how to get and keep your own quality teachers and coaches.  

Sewing classesUnique #2. Robust, comprehensive curriculum

Best of both worlds

We want both…we want fantastic instructors teaching awesome curriculum.  Since we started in 2004, we have developed an array of curricula each with its own robust, comprehensive lesson plans.  All of our lessons follow our Teach It!…Practice It!…Play It!® methodology.  Students are taught a lesson, skill or concept each lesson.  They then practice that skill or concept during the Practice It! portion of class.  We finish each class with a Play It! portion where all students are included in activities related to the lesson of the day.  Regardless of the subject, we follow this methodology.  

Current subjects include:

  • Brick Builders – STEM
  • Coding
  • Chess
  • Dance
  • Fencing
  • Guitar
  • Magic
  • Project Runway Sewing
  • Rocketry and aerodynamics
  • PreK Brick Builders
  • PreK Sports
  • Sports [basketball, flag football, floor hockey, soccer, and track & field]
  • Woodworking

We are always developing new curricula as well.  Some options include, Cake Decorating, Micro:bit coding, Goofy Sports, and more.

Unique #3. ServiceBoys with LEGO car

“You return our calls so fast.”

It sounds so basic doesn’t it.  A client or parent calls with a question or issue.  What should you do?  Obviously, you return the call in a timely manner.  Why is this unique?  Why doesn’t every business follow this basic premise?  That I can’t answer, but I can tell you that our clients and parents have told us time and time again that our dedication to FIVE STAR service (returning their calls and emails, addressing scheduling and performance issues, offering more courses) is what sets us apart from others that our clients and parents work with.  

How do we know if we are giving FIVE STAR service?  We ask.  Our unique 2 Question, 10 Second Survey® asks parents: 1) How did you like the class?; and 2) Comments.  That’s it.  You can view many of our reviews on our Parent Survey – Results page.

When you ‘Join the League’ we will train you on our FIVE STAR service system and grant you access to the tools you need to determine how well you are doing at delivering over-the-top service that exceeds client, parent, and student expectations.

Join the League

If you are looking for a franchise with the three unique attributes outlined above, CONTACT US, and we’ll share the PROCESS with how to start your journey towards joining the ‘League’!