Project Runway

For students entering 4th-8th Grades

Get ready for your very own PROJECT RUNWAY FASHION SHOW exhibiting projects, designs, accessories and crafts made with your own hands, style and flair!  No experience necessary. We’ll show you the ropes. Students will make and take home multiple projects: a sun dress, a tote bag, sun glass case, a satchel and more.  Students can also accessorize to their hearts delight with our anklet and bracelet crafts.  Advanced students can expand their skills with hand embroidery or ornamental applique and dolls clothes.  Students will also learn sewing basics like cross-stitching, straight-stitching, using a sewing machine and sewing by hand.  We’ll also learn how to sew buttons, patch a tear and follow basic designs.   The FASHION SHOW will take place the last 30 minutes of the final day of camp.  Instructor will provide parents with details.

A stitch in time saves nine, so SIGN UP EARLY!