Pre-K Sports

Pre K Basketball
For ages 4-5
For boys and girls alike!  Get your feet moving and your pulse-pounding in this fun and inclusive class.  Each day, players work to develop their basketball skills and participate in variety of basketball-based games to keep them moving. Our focus is on inclusion, teamwork, basic skills and loads of fun!  But hurry! The shot-clock is running down!


PreK Soccer
For ages 4-5
Teamwork, fundamentals, safety and fast-paced action. Get your pulse pounding today! 


PreK T-Ball
Ages 4-5
Knock it out of the park and touch ‘em all!  Our kid-friendly, fundamentals-based approach to baseball will keep your little leaguer active and engaged.  Students are drilled on basic skills: throwing, catching, hitting and running the bases.  We then incorporate those skills into fast-paced games.

PARENTS: Please provide your child with a glove and outdoor attire each day that class meets.  We will be using rubber balls and wiffle balls.  SAFETY IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY!