Pre-K Lego

Designed for students just getting introduced to LEGO engineering. These courses use both LEGO duplo blocks (the bigger ones) and regular LEGO components (the smaller ones). Students build numerous projects and use each project to investigate basic engineering concepts.

Curricula includes:

  • Simple Machines – An introduction to four of the six simple machines we use every day. We study: levers, wheels & axles, pulleys, and gears.
  • Structures – Build a wall. Knock it down. Build a stronger wall and try to knock this one down. No chance! Through hands-on, experiential projects, students learn why a stadium roof is built a certain way, how to anchor a wall and how a suspension tower works. Projects include: towers, bridges, stadiums, a fishing pole and even a machine operated soccer goalie. Fun and informative. Sure to ignite your inner-engineer!
  • Shapes and Badges – Students build and design different shapes, badges, logos and objects. Designed for younger LEGO builders. This course is a great introduction to basic concepts.