Robotics Evolution Challenge


YEL Robotics Evolution Challenge

Perfect for students in 4th-8th grades who are interested in trying out robotics for the first time, or who have previous robotics experience at a younger level.  The YEL Robotics Evolution Challenge introduces budding robotics engineers to the basics of robotic structure, coding, and problem solving.  Why are robotics important for youngsters?  Robotics is the future.  Robotics has seen enormous growth in the last decade and the pace is rapidly increasing.  Robotics is an excellent career path, so why not introduce the topic to your young roboticist!  CLICK HERE to read more on the subject of Five Reasons Youth Robotics Education is so Important

We use LEGO Mindstorm® components and software. Each class students design, build, program, test and modify different robots to complete assigned tasks and compete in challenges.

As the course progresses, students are introduced to different operational and coding elements.  For instance, students will add a ultrasonic sensor and build and program a robot to go to the edge of a table and stop before falling off.  The next day, they’ll add a light sensor and code their ‘bot to go follow a dark circle to complete a task. 

YEL Robotics classes for kids feature:

  • Our trademarked Teach It! Practice It! Play It!® methodology
    • Teach It! – Each class the our robotics instructors lead a brief lesson in computer programming and basic engineering.  Topics include, chassis design and construction, basic linear code, how a robots brain works, how to write loops into your code, and much more. 
    • Practice It! – During the Practice It! portion of class, students will build their robot project, program it, test it, modify it, and test it again.  Students are given the freedom to experiment with different programming ideas and engineering applications.
    • Play It! – Kids continue to explore their robot and investigate more unique ways to program it.  They then take their final robot design to the challenge stage and work to complete the challenge along with other team members in the class.

      YEL Robotics teacher helps student with a challenge.

      Dynamic Instructors

  • Dynamic instructors – YEL Robotics Evolution Challenge instructors have a passion for robotics and teaching.  Many have been on or lead robotics teams themselves or have taken computer science classes in college.  Our instructors also take a team building and nurturing approach to developing their students skills and understanding.  To use an analogy, we teach them how to throw a curve ball, but we don’t throw the pitch for them.
  • Comprehensive curriculum – The YEL Robotics Evolution Challenge course leads students towards different solutions each day.  For instance, day one may feature construction and coding of a robot to drive straight down a hallway and stop at the finish line (it’s way harder than it sounds).  Day two, they may be asked to clear debris from a pasture so cows can safely graze.  Each day, the curriculum gets more in-depth and builds on the previous days lessons.
  • Inclusion and teamwork – Everyone participates all the time.  Students work in teams of 2-4 with each team member covering different tasks each day.  One day a student might be in charge of coding, where as the next day, they are in charge of constructing the robot, and the next they are in charge of testing and diagnostics.  This program offers limitless possibilities for construction and coding.

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    A young robotics engineer carefully places his robot for a run.

    Robotics Evolution Challenge

Summer Camps

What a great way to keep your child’s brain engaged!  Summer Robotics Camps are day camps (usually 8:30am-12:30pm, Monday thru Friday) in your area.  We come right to locations within your community and teach our robotics programs in a day camp setting.  A great remedy for summer brain drain.

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