EV3 – Summer Robotics Camp

Robotics programs are certainly our most challenging, unique and instructive courses for 3rd grade through 10th grade.We use LEGO Mindstorm components and software. Each class students design, build, program, test and modify different robots to complete assigned tasks and compete in challenges.

As the course progresses, projects and challenges become more complex. Students build on the concepts and designs they have tried in the previous day. The final projects are challenging for even the most dedicated roboteer!

Students work in teams of 2-4 with each team member covering different tasks each day. Teamwork is a huge component of these courses. Teams that work together succeed. Those that don’t work together have difficulty completing the tasks.

Our curricula is comprehensive, fun and as in depth as students would like to get. Curricula includes:

  • NXT Olympic Pentathlon: Students build multiple robots and use those robots to complete specific challenges.  Including: a grand prix race course, Can-Do challenge, plastic man smack down, parking challenge and more.  Instructors are well-versed in Mindstorms programming and construction.  Students will leave this class with a solid base of Mindstorms programming and LEGO robotic construction techniques.  A great primer for students and teams interested in FIRST LEGO League competitions.
  • Robolab: Team Challenge – Students build the seeing-eye-bot, bumper-bot, tank-bot and more. The final contest is the Can-Do challenge. Weuse the RCX brick for this course.
  • Robolab NXT – Students build multiple robots with a variety of sensors. Touch sensor, light sensor, rotation sensor and distance sensor. Each project allows the students to experiment with different programming and building options. We use the NXT brick for this curriculum.
  • Robolab NXT: Mayan Adventure – Students build robots to traverse ravines on a nothing more than a string, find and retrieve delicate artifacts and report their findings to headquarters. We use the NXT brick for this curriculum.
  • Robolab: Grand Prix – A fast-paced, fun class to get your ‘bot to the finish line first. We build different robots each day and design each one to compete in a drag race, obstacle course, parallel parking challenge or a ‘bot-on-‘bot tug-o-war! It’s as fun as it sounds!! Students use the RCX brick for this curriculum.
  • Robolab: Cyber Challenge – A highly advanced program with complex builds and tasks. Designed for middle school and upper school students. We use the RCX brick with this curriculum.


NEW IN 2014

  • EV3 Robotics construction and programming.  This brand-new release will be available for middle school classes starting in winter of 2014.  Look for it in summer as well.
  • TETRIX  is a bold, challenging, high school level robotics program.   Check back soon for details or join our mailing list.