Coding – Safe Summer 2020

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• “My daughter loved this [coding] class-  and I loved seeing her progression over several weeks in building on what she learned. She had so much fun and was so excited to show us her creation that she coded!”  ~ Bloomington, MN Parent

• “This was, by far, the best extracurricular community education course any of our kids has taken and enjoyed!” ~ Rochester, MN Parent

• “Both of my children loved this class! They have both worked on building new games at home since and asked when they could do this class again.”~ Bloomington, MN Parent

Help your child get a leg up in learning a vital 21st Century skill.  YEL Coding classes use MIT’s SCRATCH® platform that is safe, kid-friendly, and interactive.  Students can safely share their project with other kids all over and friends and family.

Coding 1.0 | Animation

Students learn different storytelling techniques like character development and plot, and then use Scratch® code to animate it and share.  This classes ignites creativity and innovation. 

Coding 2.0 | Video Games

Students learn the importance of game theory and how to code awesome maze-runner games, asteroid blaster games, and rescue games.


Coding 3.0 | Level 3

Students in this class should have taken a previous YEL Coding class or have extensive experience with Scratch.  We’ll level up our coding techniques and video game theory to develop more intense games and challenge friends and family to conquer them or get the highest score.