2023 Team State Champions, {YEL!} SE MN Fencing Team. All the teammates are huddled and cheering.

2023 MF Team State Champions


Who is the SYFA Fencing Club in Rochester, MN for?

We’ve designed the SYFA (Southern Youth Enrichment League Fencing Alliance) Fencing Club to foster camaraderie among all fencers in a welcoming atmosphere.  The SYFA Rochester, Minnesota, Fencing Club is for fencers with little or no experience, all the way to fencers who compete at statewide tournaments as well as regional and national events.

If you are looking for a sport that appeals to your child, email us at kamau@yelkids.com to set up a time to visit our club.  The Olympic sport of fencing appeals to:

  • Athletes who like being part of a team, but not necessarily one where they have to bounce, kick, or throw a ball to a teammate.
  • Athletes who have tried a number of other sports, but haven’t found the sport for them.
  • Often referred to as the “sport for the intellectual athlete”, fencing appeals to athletes who enjoy academics and problem solving.  Many experienced fencers discuss how they enjoy fencing because it is like solving an ever changing puzzle.

Who leads the SYFA Fencing Club?

SYFA is lead by State Champion Coach, Kamau Wilkins.  SYFA boasts many accomplishments, including:

  • The 2023 Men’s Foil State Championship Team.
  • The 2022 and 2023 Men’s Foil State Champion.
  • 9 Junior Olympians
  • 2 Academic All-Americans
  • 2 All American Fencers

SYFA has been in the news a number of times.

Here is the latest news article.  SYFA on PBS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdezxgKIOKM&t=621s

What’s next?

Email us at kamau@yelkids.com or call us at (507) 250-1400 to schedule a time to visit our club.  We’d love to meet you and your young athlete. 

Coach Kamau Wilkins as his son, Mateo, fences in the 2023 State Tournament.

Coach Wilkins coaching his son, Mateo at the 2023 State Tournamen


Email Coach Kamau at kamau@yelkids.com with any and all questions.

SYFA Fencing Club FAQ

SYFA Fencing Club FAQ

SYFA Fencing Club is in Rochester, MN, near Hwy 52/63 at the 65th St. NW exit (just south of Menards).  This convenient location draws fencers from all corners of Rochester and Pine Island, Byron, Kasson and Mantorville, Dodge Center, Zumbrota, Mazeppa, Stewartville, Eyota, and more. Here's a link to our webpage: SYFA Fencing Club

Classes are in the mornings during the summer and in the evenings and weekends during the school year.  Class times vary based on the fencer's age and level of commitment. Call our club at (507) 250-1400 for specific times for your fencers.

We have options for two times per week and four times per week. Our affiliate, Youth Enrichment League, offers beginner fencing programs throughout Southern Minnesota.  Visit our Registration Page and type in your zip code to find nearby classes and camps.

We have programs for ages 7-11 (Aces) and ages 12-19 (Teens/Pre-Teens). If your athletic child is outside that age range, please email us at kamau@yelkids.com to discuss options.

SYFA's affiliate, Youth Enrichment League or {YEL!}, offers fencing classes and summer camps throughout the Midwest.  {YEL!} has fencing clubs in Hopkins, MN; Rochester, MN; and hopes to launch fencing clubs soon in Des Moines, IA and Madison, WI. Visit our Registration Page and type in your zip code to find fencing classes and camps near you.

At SYFA, we have equipment available for beginner fencers.  Once fencers start attending statewide, local, and regional tournaments, they will need their own gear.

Fencing equipment costs vary based on the budget you have and the quality of equipment you are looking to use.  Ask Coach Kamau about equipment options at the club.

Our coaches are dedicated to the growth of all of our fencing athletes.  Private lessons are one of the three pillars of a fencing athlete's progress (Private Lessons, Practice, Tournaments).  Private lessons are offered to our SYFA fencers and are either included with a subscription upgrade or can be paid for separately.  Ask your coach for more details.

Tournaments are not required for all fencers but are strongly encouraged.  As one of the three pillars of a fencer's progress (Private Lessons, Practice, Tournaments), tournaments are great ways for fencers to test and increase their skills.  SYFA hosts and encourages our fencers to attend statewide tournaments.  There are beginner tournaments in our region for less experienced fencers. Email Kamau@yelkids.com for more information.