Flag Football Classes for Kids


{YEL!} Flag Football Classes for Kids

{YEL!} Flag Football Classes for Kids focus on:A flag football player goes for a circus catch!

  • Introductory Skills – Players will be introduced to basic football skills, including: passing, receiving, hand offs, running back techniques, pass patterns, and understanding basic play calling.
  • Safety – We want the kids to be active and learn new skills, all while being safe.  We avoid blocking and, of course, tackling.  Which minimizes contact. 
  • Inclusion – Everyone participates all the time.  Each player will learn each aspect of the game.  Everyone gets an opportunity to be the quarterback, the running back, the receiving, the pass rusher on defense, etc.  All players learn how to call basic plays.  This is all inclusive.
  • Game Play – We end each class (save the first) with a flag football game using the skills they’ve learned in class and following the rules of flag football.
  • Fun – We keep it light and fun.  The focus is on doing better than you did at the last class, not doing better than the student next to you.

Why {YEL!} Flag Football

  • Our youth need to stay active. 
  • They need to try out multiple sports to see which sports they like most. 
  • They need to learn what it means to work as a team in relays and other events. 
  • See our blog post, “What Problems Do After School Programs Solve?” for more in-depth view of after school programming for kids.
  • {YEL!} Flag Football Classes for Kids are excellent introductory classes for kids who want to learn more about the most popular game in the United States.

YEL Flag Football Classes for Kids feature:

  • Our trademarked Teach It! Practice It! Play It!® methodology
    • Teach It! – Each class, the coach teaches introductory flag football skills following our tried and true YEL Flag Football curriculum. 
    • Practice It! – During the Practice It! portion of class, players work on their skills with the coach keeping an eye out for safety and inclusion.
    • Play It! – Kids love to try what they’ve learned in a flag football game against other students.  Each class ends with a flag football game following all flag football rules, but avoiding blocking.A YEL football coach directs his team.
  • Dynamic coaches – Our coaches are kid-friendly and knowledgeable in the sport of flag football.  Our coaches have a passion for coaching and love to help young players develop their skills .
  • Solid curriculum – Our flag football curriculum lays out day-by-day skill building exercises, and challenges to keep the students engaged throughout each class.
  • Merit Prizes – Each player receives at least one sports trading card each class for showing up, working hard, and keeping their focus.  Players can earn additional cards by winning a variety of games played during class.  Players also can receive a player of the day award for: 1) being a great teammate; 2) improving on their skills from previous weeks; 3) helping the coach with cleanup; 4) making a great play.  NOTE: Every player will earn a player of the day award at some point throughout the session as long as they work hard and focus.

Find Classes

  • Visit our Registration  page and put in your zip code to find flag football classes for kids in your area.
  • YEL offers after school classes at your school at the end of the school day.
  • YEL also offers summer camps in your community or near you.
  • Can’t find a YEL flag football class near you?  Email us at info@yelkids.com to discuss how to start classes in your area.

Summer Camps

YEL flag football classes also work well as summer camps.  These fast-paced camps keep your young athlete active during the summer months.  Often we combine flag football with another sport, like soccer, basketball, or track and field.

Find Summer Camps

Click the button above and put in your zip code to find classes in your area.


Flag Football FAQ

  • 1.Flag Football FAQ
  • How do I register?
    Chet Gunhus17-03-2021

    To see a complete list of {YEL!} Flag Football classes at all of our schools, visit our REGISTRATION PAGE.

    Step 1: enter your zip code.  Then choose "Flag Football" or "Sports" from Course Subject.  You can filter by school, course name, start date, district, or teacher.

    Feel free to email us further questions via our CONTACT PAGE.

  • What are the grade levels?
    Chet Gunhus17-03-2021

    For grades 2-5.

    The reason we don't have younger students is simply because we need students to be able to catch a football without getting knocked in the nose.  They must also be old enough to follow basic instruction for pass patterns and football plays.

    If your child is younger than second grade, we suggest waiting until they are the proper age.

  • How much do classes cost?
    Chet Gunhus17-03-2021

    Flag Football classes with YEL vary in cost dependent on facilities fees and teacher remuneration.

    We list the fees for each class on our Registration Page.  Visit our Registration Page and search for classes by your zip code and Course Subject.

  • What do students learn?
    Chet Gunhus17-03-2021

    Our Flag Football program is a short, introductory class.  We focus on basic skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, and inclusion.  Skills include, but aren't limited to:

    • passing technique
    • receiving technique
    • basic pass patterns
    • hand off technique
    • running technique
    • how to run basic football plays

    We strive to make sure that all students participate in all phases of the game.  Everyone gets a chance to pass, catch, run, and call plays.

  • I can't find a class. What do I do?
    Chet Gunhus22-03-2021

    If you can't find a class near you on our Registration Page, we suggest you reach out to us at info@yelkids.com.  Perhaps we don't have classes in your area at this time, but we could soon, with your help.

    YEL does offer franchise opportunities in dozens of states.  We'd love to talk to you if you are interested in owning your own local YEL franchise!  Visit our FRANCHISE PAGE for more information.

  • Do you offer scholarships?
    Chet Gunhus22-03-2021

    Yes, we offer scholarships on an as-needs basis.  This is also contingent on the current enrollment in the class.

    Reach out to us at info@yelkids.com for more information.

  • Do kids compete? How do you make teams?
    Chet Gunhus22-03-2021

    Yes, the students do play multiple games during class.  It could be noted that our sports cards and player-of-the-day prizes are not contingent as much on winning as they are on learning.

    We divide the teams so that there are even numbers on each side and even skill levels on each side.  As the students progress and the coach knows their skills more, the teams will be split even more evenly.