{YEL!} Basketball Classes for Kids

{YEL!} Basketball Classes for Kids focus on:Basketball kids in line to practice their basketball drills.

  • Basic Skills – Players will learn bounce passing, chest passing, dribbling, shooting, and basic play.
  • Teamwork – YEL basketball classes for kids are designed to make sure everyone catches a pass before a team takes a shot, and that every player has a chance to shoot and score.
  • Inclusion – Everyone participates all the time.  There is very little down time in this program.  These high-octane classes are fast-paced and move from one game to the next very quickly.
  • Fun – This word is so overused for youth activities, but it’s true.  We really want the kids to have a great time, play a lot and leave the class invigorated.

Why {YEL!} Basketball

  • Our youth need to stay active. 
  • They need to try out multiple sports to see which sports they like most. 
  • They need to learn what it means to be on a team. 
  • See our blog post, “What Problems Do After School Programs Solve?” for more in-depth view of after school programming for kids.
  • {YEL!} Basketball for Kids classes are excellent introductory classes for kids who want to learn about this great international game that originated in the USA and is a foundation for so many young athletes.  
  • Players will learn basic rules of basketball and team play.

YEL Basketball Classes for Kids feature:

  • Our trademarked Teach It! Practice It! Play It!® methodology
    • Teach It! – Throughout each class, the coach is teaching different skills (bounce passing, chest passing, dribbling, shooting) and then asking the players to practice those skills. 
    • Practice It! – During the Practice It! portion of class, players are put together in small groups or in pairs to work on their skills.  During this time, the coach is constantly canvassing the group and coaching them at every opportunity.
    • Play It! – Kids love to play an actual basketball game.  Our basketball games make sure that kids all get a chance to pass, catch, dribble and shoot.  We start with some minor restrictions.  For instance, 1) half court only; 2) the defense must stay within a perimeter; 3) no stealing by the defense, but intercepting a pass is okay.

      Young basketball players trying to intercept a pass.

      Basketball classes for kids

  • Dynamic coaches – We aren’t looking for LeBron James to coach our basketball classes.  We are looking for dynamic coaches who are great with kids and can teach them the basic skills following our curriculum.
  • Comprehensive curriculum – Our basketball curriculum features dozens of skill building exercises, games that solidify those skills, and a modified basketball game that includes all players (see Play It! above).
  • Merit Prizes – Each player receives at least one sports trading card each class for showing up, working hard, and keeping their focus.  Players can earn additional cards by winning a variety of games played during class.  Players also can receive a player of the day award for: 1) being a great teammate; 2) improving on their skills from previous weeks; 3) helping the coach with cleanup; 4) making a great play.  NOTE: Every player will earn a player of the day award at some point throughout the session as long as they work hard and focus.

Find Classes

  • Visit our Registration  page and put in your zip code to find basketball classes for kids in your area.
  • YEL offers after school classes at your school at the end of the school day.
  • YEL also offers summer camps in your community or near you.
  • Can’t find a YEL basketball class near you?  Email us at to discuss how to start classes in your area.

Summer Camps

YEL Basketball classes also work well as summer camps.  These fast-paced camps keep your young athlete active during the summer months.  Often we combine basketball with another sport, like track and field, soccer, flag football.

Find Summer Camps

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