{YEL!} Fencing Club

{YEL!} Fencing Club is for student-athletes 8 years of age or older who:

• Have one year of experience fencing with the {YEL!} program. 

• Want to rapidly increase their skill in fencing.

• Want to improve their personal results in local, regional, and national fencing tournaments.

• Want the team camaraderie that a regular practice club provides, with the opportunity to get to know other competitive fencers on a personal level, and to encourage each other at tournaments.

• Want more personalized instruction.

• Want to study with a top coach without traveling too far.

• Want to fence on electric strips often each week.

• (See options below) {YEL!} Fencing Club offers athletes the option of visiting up to twice per week or participating up to four times per week.

The {YEL!} Fencing Program is led by SEMN YEL Owner Kamau Wilkins, Coach of the 2021 MN State Champion, Academic All American, and All American Runner Up Mateo Wilkins. We continue to coach our athletes to the Junior Olympics, Regional events, and Summer Nationals. Coach Wilkins is passionate about fencing and all youth sports. We have had tons of success in local fencing circles and continue to both travel, study, and improve competitiveness. We are dedicated to nurturing youth on their sports and athletic journey.  We are fun and kid-friendly and know how to get the best out of our student-athletes. All of our assistant coaches are also personally trained by Coach Wilkins. 

We encourage beginners to participate. We supply all equipment and safety equipment, but students are encouraged to purchase their own equipment for Club.

Fencing Club up to four times per weekfour times

This option allows athletes to participate in the fencing club up to four times per week.

• Club meets Mondays through Thursdays, 6:30-8:30pm.

• The monthly subscription is $160 per month.

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Two timesFencing Club up to two times per week

This option allows fencers to participate in the fencing club up to two times per week.

  • Fencing Club meets Mondays through Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 pm.  
    • Fencers who choose the two-times-per-week option can participate up to two times per week.
  • The monthly subscription fee is $80 per month.  Billing is done once per month automatically.

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