Education franchise opportunity working with kids.


• Do you love working with kids?

• Do you want to make a difference in your community?

• Do you want to make a great living doing it?

• YEL has a plan to help you make a difference and make a great living doing it.

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YEL education franchises are designed to help franchisees make a difference working with kids, and make a great living doing it.  Our courses are crafted with the student and teacher in mind.  We offer robust, comprehensive curriculum in multiple subjects, including: chess, coding, fencing, Brick Builder STEM programs, robotics, sewing, sports, and more.  All of our lessons are structured in our trademarked Teach It!…Practice It!…Play It!® system.

If you love working with kids and want to make a great living making a difference in your community, call us at (800) 959-9261 or add your contact information to the form to continue the conversation.

  • YEL education franchises offer a known brand.  YEL works in hundreds of schools in multiple states.
  • YEL education franchises offer an exclusive territory where you live.
  • YEL education franchises have a custom designed data management system and online registration.
  • YEL education franchises have 70+ hours of initial training as well as ongoing support and guidance.

Join a brand that has proven results in hundreds of schools to tens of thousands of students.

Founded in 2004.  Think, Learn, Play Well® with YEL!