The {YEL!} Franchise System

• An A-Z system designed for success in large, medium, and small markets!

From the inception of your {YEL!} business to 10 or 20 years into your business, {YEL!} has systems in place to get you up and running quickly.

• Training!

{YEL!} offers you 40 hours of classroom training and 32 hours of in the field training at the outset of your {YEL!} franchise business.

• Multiple sources of revenue.

  ✅ {YEL!} is not a single subject revenue source.  Franchisees can offer classes in a multitude of subjects and become one-stop shopping for their communities.

  ✅ We have gobs of curriculum in chess, fencing, coding, robotics, sewing, woodworking and we are always developing more!

  ✅ With a proven concept in multiple markets and a track record of excellence since 2004, we are sure {YEL!} can help you reach out to your community and offer programming within weeks of your startup.

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{YEL!} Franchise System

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