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6+ years of non-repeating projects and curriculum! And we are working on year #7 right now. In all of our LEGO programs, students build a number of projects throughout the session. The students then use those projects to investigate basic engineering concepts. For instance, they will build a merry-go-round using gears. Then they will switch the gears around to gear it up or gear it down. They will also learn how to understand and estimate gear ratios

Our LEGO programs fall into a number of sub categories. Each category has it’s own distinct features. Here is a brief overview of each:

Extreme LEGO – For grades kindergarten through 3rd.

  • Projects are easier to build and to manipulate. We use the projects to cultivate the engineering concepts.
  • Students work as individuals.
  • There are four curricula for the Extreme LEGO program. Each one is 4-8 weeks in length, depending on the school’s scheduling needs.
    • Extreme LEGO: Wheels & Axles – Build a lawn mower, a wagon, a race car and learn the difference between a separate and single axle, thick versus thin wheels and much more.
    • Extreme LEGO: Gears – Build a fan, merry-go-round, design a circus sign and an arcade game. Investigate: gearing up, gearing down, gear ratios, idler gears, gearing at an angle & compound gearing.
    • Extreme LEGO: Levers – Build a snapping dragon, a scale, design your own railroad crossing and use these projects to investigate basic lever concepts including: load, effort & fulcrum; the closer the load is to the fulcrum, the easier the it is to move; the three classes of levers. We may even to a marshmallow toss contest to finish off the session. What FUN!
    • Extreme LEGO: Pulleys – Build a crane, a clown sign, design your own conveyor belt and use these projects to investigate basic pulleys concepts including: direction of rotation, increased speed, a fixed pulleys, movable pulleys system, and compound pulleys. We may even try to build the world’s longest conveyor belt made of LEGOs at the last class! How cool is that?
    • Extreme LEGO: Structures (For 1st-5th grades) – Build a LEGO version of the Golden Gate Bridge, the St. Louis Arch and even the Eiffel Tower. Students use these projects to explore structural engineering basics. Sure to ignite any budding architect’s enthusiasm.


A hybrid LEGO program that combines LEGO engineering projects with a computer interface.  Students will build an alligator and program to say “Ahhh” while chewing unfortunate LEGO mini-figs.  A boat that rocks and sways in a virtual storm.  Soccer goalies, airplanes, race cars and more.  We use the projects and computers to introduce a “drag and drop” block programming interface and (as with all LEGO classes) a study of basic engineering concepts (levers, wheels and axles, pulleys and gears).  This is our most popular LEGO program.  Call today to schedule your next session.

LEGO X – For grades 1st-5th

These courses are thoroughly challenging for even the most discriminating LEGO engineer.  . The kits have 300+ piece. Students build in pairs and must work as a team to complete the projects. The projects are engaging and students manipulate each project a number of ways to make it faster, stronger or change it’s mode of operation. There are five curricula for this system.

  • LEGO X: Enginetics – Build your favorite LEGO projects, connect them to a motor and make them go!
  • LEGO X: Yachts & Hot Rods – Build a land yacht, a race car, compete in contests with your classmates and usethe projects to investigate basic concepts including: single versus separate axles, wider versus thinner wheels, momentum & fly wheels.
  • LEGO X: Gear Jammers – Build a rockin’ cool street sweeper, windmill, clock and trundle wheel. Use these projects to cultivate the gearing concepts of: gearing up, gearing down, gear ratios, compound gearing and how gears work in the world around us.
  • LEGO X: Hammers & Ballerinas – The name says it all. Build an automated hammer and discover ways of making it pound nails faster. Build a
     allerina and explore options to make her balance better and spin faster. Design and build your team’s own machine for automatically stamping letters. We use these projects explore basic levers engineering concepts, such as: load, effort, fulcrum, compound levers, how to increase the torque of a lever and make it more effective and much more.
  • LEGO X: Pneumatics – Learn about hydraulics when you construct a hand that can grasp a ball, a stamping press, a lift and more.  This is the most challenging class in our LEGO X series.  We will often run longer meetings with this class (i.e. 1.5 hours per meeting rather than 1 hour per meeting).
  • LEGO X: Enginetics and Green Energy – Get the inside scoop on green energy with this course.  We build a solar car, wind turbine, hydro turbine, solar lights and more.  Students will leave this class with a thorough understanding of the benefits and challenges green energy provides future generations.

LEGO Machines – For 1st – 5th grades

A challenging course that implements motors to get their LEGO projects moving. The cirricula are:

  • LEGO Machines: Wheels & Racers
  • LEGO Machines: Gears
  • LEGO Machines: Drum Pedals & Hospital Beds
  • LEGO Machines: Pulleys

We have a multitude of other LEGO curriculum in development. For more details, feel free to call or email Youth Enrichment League with your inquiries.