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• All classes are lead by online experts in their subject.

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 CourseSchoolDayAgesTime StartTime EndStart DateEnd DateFeeRegister
ONLINE Chess 1.0 | BeginnerRochester MontessoriWednesday6-124:15 PM5:15 PM10/21/202012/16/2020$88Register Here
ONLINE Chess 2.0 | Beginner 2Rochester MontessoriThursday6-124:15 PM5:15 PM10/22/202012/17/2020$88Register Here
ONLINE Chess 3.0 | Intermediate and AdvancedRochester MontessoriMonday6-184:15 PM5:15 PM10/19/202012/14/2020$88Register Here
ONLINE Chess 4.0 | AdvancedRochester MontessoriTuesday6-184:15 PM5:15 PM10/20/202012/15/2020$88Register Here
ONLINE Coding 1.0 | AnimationRochester MontessoriTuesday8-144:15 PM5:15 PM10/20/202012/15/2020$88Register Here
ONLINE Coding 2.0 | Video GamesRochester MontessoriWednesday8-144:15 PM5:15 PM10/21/202012/16/2020$88Register Here
ONLINE Coding 3.0 | Level 3Rochester MontessoriThursday8-144:15 PM5:15 PM10/22/202012/17/2020$88Register Here
ONLINE Coding 4.0 | Level 4 ChallengeRochester MontessoriMonday8-144:15 PM5:15 PM10/19/202012/14/2020$88Register Here
Online Guitar 1.0 | Beginner 1Rochester MontessoriTuesday10-154:15 PM5:15 PM10/20/202012/15/2020$132Register Here
Online Guitar 2.0 | Beginner 2Rochester MontessoriWednesday12-154:15 PM5:15 PM10/21/202012/16/2020$132Register Here
Online Guitar 3.0 | IntermediateRochester MontessoriThursday12-154:15 PM5:15 PM10/22/202012/17/2020$132Register Here
Online Guitar 4.0 | AdvancedRochester MontessoriMonday12-154:15 PM5:15 PM10/19/202012/14/2020$132Register Here
ONLINE Magic 1.0Rochester MontessoriTuesday7-114:15 PM5:15 PM11/3/202012/1/2020$44Register Here
ONLINE Magic 2.0Rochester MontessoriThursday7-114:15 PM5:15 PM11/5/202012/3/2020$44Register Here
ONLINE Magic 3.0Rochester MontessoriWednesday7-114:15 PM5:15 PM11/4/202012/2/2020$44Register Here

YEL has been teaching in-person for 16+ years.  We’ve taught tens of thousands of students in hundreds of schools.

We have offered online summer camps since March 2020 due to COVID-19 and have enjoyed tremendous success.  We’ve had nearly 3,000 participants in our online classes and events since March.

YEL affordable online chess classes feature:

  • Robust lessons for all levels from beginner to advanced.
  • All classes are live and interactive.
  • All classes are lead by online experts in the subject being taught.

Founded in 2004.  Think, Learn, Play Well® with YEL!