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MN State High School Fencing Tournament

February 22

- $30

MN State Fencing Tournament

For grades 7-12

THIS IS A NON-YEL EVENT.  This tournament is sponsored by the Minnesota State High School Fencing League.  YEL is a member of this, but this is not a YEL event.

What’s different:

* Fully electronic gear is required.  See below for more details.

* Fencers are put into pools for the first few rounds.  Then they are seeded based on pool play.  Then the Direct Elimination (DE) rounds begin.  DE rounds mean that fencers may be eliminated upon losing any match.

* Fencers fence with their school on Saturday (i.e. Lakeville North, Lakeville South, as opposed to Lakeville).  On Sunday, qualifying fencers and teams compete as clubs.  In other words, all YEL fencers may compete as a team on Sunday.

* Events include: Men’s Foil, Women’s Foil; Men’s Epee, Women’s Epee; Men’s Sabre, Women’s Sabre.

EQUIPMENT: YEL will bring all necessary equipment for fencers, however, some sharing may be required.  Equipment needs include: electric foil (or epee), lame, mask, electric mask-bib, plastron, chest plate, jacket, glove.

KNICKERS are required  Parents must purchase knickers for their fencer.  myBlueGauntlet.com has knickers at a list price of $33.  Use your coupon code “enrichment” for a 20% discount.

REGISTRATION: Registration is done through askfred.net.  Click on the “Register” button to be redirected to the Ask Fred website.

TIME: Please check the time for your event on askfred.net.  It varies based on which event you participate in.

ONLINE REGISTRATION closes on Feb. 19.

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